Authenticity Guarantee

About our certified authentic items
About our certified authentic items.

On this website, we have a limited number of authentically autographed items for sale.

We want to help you identify the real signatures.

In order to make it easier for you to distinguish these items from those items which have printed signatures, all authentic signed items have this small logo in the item description:

 Read more about our Authenticity Guarantee HERE

We realize that this may look a little bit "popular" but we felt that is enables easy and quick identification.


  • All authentic signed items have the following text in the item description:
    Only 1 available of course and we provide a Certificate of Authenticity with it.
    Read more about our Authenticity Guarantee HERE.
  • All authentic signed items are covered by our lifetime money back guarantee for authenticity.
  • All authentic signed items come with our own Certificate Of Authenticity (COA).
    A sample of such certificate can be found at the bottom of this page.
    The certificate clearly shows the item description (for example "Michael Schumacher signed 2003 DVAG cap"); repeats that the item is guaranteed to be authentic and warranted for life; shows an image of the item in question so that it can not be abused for selling another item; is dated on the day of sale; is numbered and a digital copy of it is maintained in our archives for future reference.
  • The certificate is signed by myself as I am the person that supplies you with both the item and the lifetime guarantee and therefore the sole person responsible for it.

We trust that this procedure will reassure you that when an item that is marked as authentic, that is really what you are getting, an authentically signed item.


Certificate of authenticity